Sunday, April 5, 2009

American Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is a large fierce search for birds. And 'the name in Latin means "sea eagle with white head." It is a national symbol of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin proposed that the national emblem is the wild turkey, as bald eagle was "a bird of bad moral character", but was outvoted. Today we have seen many things in the United States, such as money, seals and other patriotic symbols.

Life in general, the bald eagle forty-five to fifty years of captivity and twenty-five years in the wild. This is one of the largest birds seen in the United States. E 'between 30.4 and 36.4 inches high, or about as high as the average desktop. It takes five hours and a half to eight feet wide. That's about as long as the large dining room table. The head of the bird is white, the body of the bird is black and the tail is
white. The legs are dark orange and the beak is yellow.

Like many birds of prey has a unique feature which is called "reverse sexual dimorphism." This means that the bald eagle female is usually larger than that of men. In most species, males are larger than females.

This is covered in large raptors coarse feathers. The name "Bald Eagle" does not mean that the bird is really bald. By far, it seems simple because of the contrast of light and dark feathers. For the early settlers in the United States, the word bald meant white, not hairy. Because of its appearance, its name came to be the bald eagle. It does not get his incredible four colors at the age of five years. Before that, the bald eagle immature seems to have a brown head and tail with a yellow beak. The bald eagle has a body which is halfway between the elegant and discreet.

What is the bald eagle, fascinating for me is that the bald eagle can scale to eight feet. I find this fascinating because it is higher than most people.

Bald Eagle reaches maturity between four and six years. You choose a partner for its entire life. The climate, which affects his life to play. The bald eagle is of the breed during the winter in the south, and spring in the north. This raises his family in large nests that are usually built near water. It nests only in May or in an area where many people still live bald eagles. This bird of prey usually nest high in direct pins higher than those things that surround them. Sometimes, the bald eagle in May to build nests on the ground, if there is anything to endanger their neighbors. The female eagle built mostly nests. I am obsessed with the work of their nests. The nests are made of natural materials like sticks, pieces of mud and grass and can weigh up to one tonne. The nests are sometimes more than six meters wide. There was an eagle's nest in Ohio was _ by 9 feet wide, 20 meters deep, and weighs over two tonnes. Unfortunately, the nest is destroyed when the tree was built in the fall to the ground in 1925. The nests are often used from year to year. Some nests are built so that the last ten to twenty years, even if they are not protected from the weather.

Bald Eagles breed between April and August, depending on their location, copies of each year on average. They usually have a group of two eggs. These eggs are laid in several days, and it is not difficult to feed the eaglets. The parents feed the first eaglet for a couple of days before the next eaglet hatches. Because of this lag time, the old eaglet is bigger and stronger than the other birds to hatch. If you happened to be a shortage of food, and that parents do not have enough food for both, the old eaglet to take all food and, finally, young people are dying of hunger. This promises to have at least one eaglet in its nest. Both men and women to share responsibility for incubating their clutch. Both parents share the responsibility to maintain and strengthen their eaglets. After the baby eaglets Hatch, one parent is always with them for the first two weeks. After hatching in the nest, young people live with their parents from nine to fourteen weeks. After this period, parents can help them for another four weeks. Bald eagles tend to remain in their breeding years if food availability and weather permitting. If this is not possible to migrate to an area with a climate more suitable.

The bald eagle is evident five characteristics that make it very well the work he must do to survive, and these are called adaptations. The first adaptation of the Bald Eagle is that you can see from four to eight times better than humans. The second feature is an adaptation of the bone cantilevered over their eyes. This protects the protruding eyes against the sun and the potential for injury, and contributes to flee in search of food. And the bird, shades his eyes from any glare and lets you see more easily in water, while looking for fish. The third adjustment is the small bumps on the bottom of their feet called spicules. These bumps protruding, with razor sharp to help keep the claws of the fish eagle in flight. The latest adaptation of the Bald Eagle obvious is their great curved beak. It is used to help tear while eating fish.

The bald eagle is a raptor, which means that it is a bird of prey. They like to sit on a perch near the water to make it easier to locate their prey. Their diet consists mainly of fish, but smaller sea birds, mammals and reptiles (turtles in particular). When the bald eagle catching a large animal, that snatch and eat the pieces, it bite by bite. When you take a small animal that swallow whole. After the launch they swallow all the bones, feathers, hair and can not digest. Surprisingly, in the winter months, the carcasses of dead animals to be part of this predator, when the diet is not enough prey. Often steal food from other raptors, in particular, the osprey, the whole flight. Have the right to seize the prey of other birds, claws and fly with it. Even if a large predator of the sky, the bird was observed in the wading streams in the states and provinces in the north, struggling to reach a fish when they are running fast too fast to see the bird po

The bald eagle is a large predator. Therefore, it is a help. It helps the environment by eating a variety of fish and other animals. This is good for the environment, why eat a variety of animals. Like the osprey, the bald eagle returns annually to its nest. It would not be able to do so, if you hunt the prey more in your area.

For many years, the bald eagle is endangered. This close call was caused by a chemical that has been declared illegal by the U.S. government. This chemical is called the DDT and the eagle was in the body when they eat contaminated fish. The chemical has caused and many other birds of prey to be in danger. E 'hit the eggs they produce. They were all very thin shells that broke during the incubation period. Therefore, there would be baby eaglets, causing a major decline in eagle populations. There was also a place on the eagles grace. People think that farm animals were killed and reducing the amount of fish available for fishermen.

Other things that have endangered eagles are the result of our daily lives. Like most stores, buildings, houses and shopping malls are built, eagles and other animals are losing their homes. The trees in which they live are cut and eat the food is poisoned.

As more and more people are listening to the conservation, most of these beautiful animals have been saved from extinction. The bald eagle is an endangered species, but it is still threatened by poachers. Across the United States, laws have been adopted to make it illegal to kill a bald eagle. All these efforts contribute to the Bald Eagle to become the most frequently observed in view of the United States, which is particularly interesting because it is our national symbol.