Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hunting the Paulding Forest Georgia WMA

I visited the Paulding Forest WMA Georgia within weeks, and at first I was very irritated. The map was scary, I was terrible. I have a feeling that we are near collapse Georgia WMA because it seemed that the closer we get to the loss of Georgia WMA, including maps for the AMM, and additional houses Georgia bloom this particular WMA .

So anyway, I finally got acquainted with the region, and then I realized some of the roads, and where I, I found some cool places to share with everyone. I stopped at a small barbecue joint called Wallace Hickory House (770) 505-1150, and the best BBQ sandwich I ever had, it is very juicy and moist, and the Brunswick stew is pretty good, a small that rose water that I prefer, but still very good. I would really take long road back, this is from my home to another of their sandwiches. They are located right on the corner of Highway 101 and Ga. Goldmine Rd

I also has very cool camping located approx. 10 minutes outside of Georgia Paulding Forest WMA. The campground is called The Rock. The Rock is in Forsyth 130 Lake Road. Rockmart, Ga. 30,153th Now, what so awesome about these places. They are such beautiful little cabins you can stay is thirty dollars per night, and they had a big concert outside the house for the region, country, bluegrass, and southern rock bands. There were principles of sites, RV sites, picnic tables, everything you need for a good night.

If you need a good breakfast, the best I find the nearest Georgia WMA is a small store that had a small dinner buffet with a good chicken fried steak and large fries, and they also served breakfast every morning, seven days a week. The biscuits were fresh, and for me they really hit the ground this morning. The name of the store is Scotts Country Cooking markets, sorry, no phone number but these are located at Goldmine Road.

Another small BBQ place I found called Merles BBQ, (770) 505-0608, sorry I did not try the food, I went inside, I was stuffed from other places I tried and I want only to sample their worry. The worry is great, and they had some great homemade pies fishing in counter. Im going to try to leave this place until my next visit, but based on appearance of area Im sure its great. If someone tries Merles, please leave a comment and let me know.

The only thing that made this visit is a great lake for night fishing where I fish, but anyway, I'll try to find a good place to fish in the area next time I was in Paulding Forest WMA, and update the map once I find one. I am currently building a library of Georgia reinforced WMA map that shows the proper way, non-commercial and Ma and Pop diners and cheap place to stay during visits Georgia WMAs. Well that all my future projects, and in the meantime, happy hunting in Georgia WMAs

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Gotham Days said...

o0oo0o0o0o...When I think Georgia, I think ATL and that horrible WB primetime Drama back in 5th grade called Savannah...I wouldn't have thought something so amazing and serene (and GREEN!!!) would be out there!

I'm a bigger fan of the concrete jungle myself...I don't deal with bugs very well...hahahaha

Come visit The RGC soon!!! (I wonder if Southern Substance has seen Paulding Forest...)

Claire said...

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TheCoffeeLady said...

There are some truly beautiful sites in Georgia! Thanks for stopping by my blogs. We have a blog comment exchange over at Stop on by and check us out! Christina